Our Process

Our Team

Mark J. McCandless, CPA, CFP®, MTax
President and Member of the Firm

Direct: (216) 236-6701
Cell: (216) 780-4109

Mark has been helping individuals with financial challenges for over 35 years. He has been involved in financial and complex tax and estate planning since 1984 and investment management since 1995. He is a Past President of both the Estate Planning Council of Cleveland and the Financial Planning Association of Northeast Ohio.

Josephine LaSpina Trotta, MBA
Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Firm

Direct: (216) 236-6702
Cell: (216) 533-0463

Josephine’s passion for helping individuals solve their financial challenges has led her to a career of over 30 years in the wealth management industry. Josephine started her finance career in the banking industry including private banking and trust financial services. Then she expanded to investment management and complex financial & estate planning. Her clients often say, “Josephine leads with her heart because she truly cares about us.”

Maria LaSpina, FPQP™
Client Services Manager, Paraplanner

Direct: (216) 236-6703
Cell: (440) 479-6298

The cheerful smile and positive attitude that greets our clients belongs to Maria La Spina. Maria is a dedicated financial services professional with proven organizational skills and resourcefulness. She has worked in the industry since 2005, formerly as an Institutional Sales Assistant servicing institutional and high net worth clients.

Our Fiduciary Duty

At Pathfinder Wealth Advisors, we are your fiduciary in the planning and investment services we provide. What does this mean for you? We follow a simple formula:

We are loyal and always place your interests above our firm’s interest when making recommendations for specific investments, tax planning and financial planning strategies. 

Our care is demonstrated by the skill, expertise and experience we employ in providing quality advice and guidance. 
We are guided by your goals, risk tolerance and personal circumstances.

We listen and pay attention to what is on your mind. Our promise to focus on the concerns that are closest to your heart.

Our Simple Approach to Fees

Do you know how much your advisor charges for the services provided to you? One study concluded that 1 in 5 clients don’t know how much they are paying and the same study determined that another 10% don’t even know if they are paying any fees!

The Pathfinder approach to fees is very simple.

We do not receive commissions or sell products.

Our fees are fully transparent for advice to help you accomplish your goals.

You pay a percentage based on your current investment portfolio balances (assets under management) and you pay a fixed fee for financial and tax planning services.

We explain your fees prior to your signing any agreement with us.